Flyboard Water Activities

Ever wondered how would it be like to fly like Ironman? Flyboard is a very exciting and easy water sport that will take you flying over the water in a board boosted by water streams. After...Read More

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Jetpack Water Activities

Forget about yourself as a human being... Become an aircraft and take control of your body in ways you never imagined before! Jetpack is an amazing state of the art technology... Read More

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Jetovator Water Sports

If the wave runner is not exciting enough for you, this is the opportunity to take it to a higher level. Jetovator is the new bike-like hose to be ridden above the water in Cancun... Read More

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Hoverboard Water Sports

Remember 'Back to the Future' Hoverboard? Fly across the sky, curling and meandering in a small board boosted by the only power of water. That's how it feels to control a Hoverboard...Read More

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